Contact Information

Susan Bielstein 402-291-0570

Kelly Goetz 402-297-0544

Therese Hupf 402-680-6138


WHO should join MOMS?

Women of all ages and stages. Women who live stressful lives. Women who live with many demands on their time and energy. Women who need a place to receive personal and spiritual nurturing.

WHAT can I expect to get from the sessions?

A time to share with other women the stress, concerns and positive experiences that have influenced your spiritual growth. Experience the support of others as you discover the depth of your spirituality. The sessions are led by a team of facilitators and topics include: Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance, Stress, Everyday Spirituality, Feelings, Personal Growth, Expressing Values in Friendship, Celebration of New Beginnings, and Discernment: Continuing the Journey.

WHEN are the sessions held? 

We have two session per year in the Fall and Spring.   Our next session begins in Spring 2020.

WHERE are the sessions held:

St. Mary’s Church, Bellevue in St. Mark’s Hall

REQUIREMENTS that are needed to begin the sessions

The ability to make a commitment to an initial 8-week period.  The ability to keep confidentiality.  A desire to grow by sharing.  The ability to support other mothers in their personal growth. 


 $30 which covers the cost of the MOMS journal.  There is financial assistance is available upon request.  Please make checks payable to St. Mary’s Church. 

HOW do I register?

Please see the registration form or call one of the officers for more information.