Mission Statement

Gathered together by the events of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we the members of St. Mary's of Bellevue are called to become a living sign of a loving God formed by the Gospel.  We strive to live a Catholic, Christian life entrusting ourselves to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, our advocate and guide.  We strive to be a welcoming community, committed to a Spirit to seek and nurture justice and peace in our lives, among our families, within our Parish and in our community.

The Pastoral Council is proud to present St. Mary's Catholic Church Strategic Plan, September 2015.  

St. Mary's Catholic Church Strategic Plan. September 2015.docx

Council Members

Father Del Lape

Father Roger Kalsheuer

Suzanne Hasiak - President

Therese Hupf - President Elect

Randy Leister - Secretary, Youth Ministry & Activities

Deacon Jeff Braxton - Liturgy & Spirituality

Mike Cook -  Knights of Columbus

Marge Harnett - Parish Activities & Community Building 

Jim Goetz - Board of Education Representative

George Lamperti - Development Committee

Mike Sedlack - Maintenance Committee

Daphne McDowell - Human Needs & Social Justice

Joe Norris - Finance Committee Representative

Dan Whitehead - Knights of Columbus


The next Pastoral Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 28th  at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Center.