Welcome to St. Mary's Adult Faith Formation! 

 Please contact the RE office at 402-291-7222 if you have any questions or are interested in any classes.
Additional dates, times, and cost will be announced soon!

The Adult Religious Education at St. Mary's church strives to deepen the faith and expand the works of the people of God in the parish. We progress toward the building of God's kingdom and eternal life with the Father (Trinity) through a variety of select programs and activities which focus on:

  • Moving towards a deeper and personal relationship with God
  • The love of God (incarnation and resurrection)
  • Our understanding of scripture and church tradition
  • The quality and quantity of our prayer
  • Increasing our participation in the sacraments
  • The promotion of parish adult religious education
  • Expanding ministerial vocations
  • Expanding course offerings and attendees

Spring 2019 Classes

We are currently planning the spring classes and schedule. Keep checking with us for some new and interesting classes to attend!
Look below for our current classes!

Tuesdays:The Fourth Cup - Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross by Scott Hann: Starts January 15th.
Dr. Scott Hahn explains Christ's Paschal Sacrifice on the cross as the fulfillment of the traditional fourth cup used in the celebration of the Jewish Passover meal. He draws a symbolic parallel to the Last Supper and Christ's death on Calvary. Through his scholarly insights and important biblical connections, Mass will come alive for you as never before!
Tuesday evenings at the Dominican Center at 6:30pm. The Facilitator for this study is Dave Garrison.

Thursdays:Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible by Jeff Cavins & Sarah Christmyer: Starts January 17th.
This 8 week study makes the complex simple. It helps you uncover the story woven throughout Scripture, so that you can get the ‘big picture” of the Bible and understand what it is all about. The Bible is a story about the Father’s unfailing love for us, a love that we are called to share with others. You will make sense of the Bible and see how it relates to your everyday life. Discover the remarkable connection between the Old and New Testaments. See how the sacraments, the Church, and our entire Catholic Faith are rooted in Scripture and so much more.
Thursday afternoons at St. Mark's at 2:30pm. The Facilitator for this study is Linda Lee.

Thursdays:How to Grow in Holiness by St. Francis de Sales: Starts February 7th : Ends April 11th.
Most of us grow up knowing that we are supposed to get to heaven and that God loves us and wants us there. We know that we are all called to holiness, but how to grow in holiness is not always clear. St. Francis de Sales has been helping people grow in holiness for over 400 years!
St. Francis de Sales assembled his spiritual direction letters into a book called "Introduction to the Devout Life". Since its first printing in the 1600s it has never gone out of print. St. Francis de Sales offers some practical ways for us to “Grow in Holiness” within our busy lives.
Come to one or all of the sessions as your schedule allows.
There is no cost-the book is free online, copies of the letters will be available or you can request the book for $10.
Thursday evenings at the Dominican Center at 6:30pm. The Facilitator for this study is Deacon Gary Bash.

Safe Environment Training: If you volunteer or work with the youth of St. Mary's then you will need to be Safe Environment Certified. St. Mary's next class will be held in January. If you need to be safe environment trained before January you will need to attend a class held by another parish. You will be able to find class times and locations at archomaha.org under the ministries tab or at omaha.CMGconnect.org. In order to take the class you will need to sign up as a new user and preregister at omaha.CMGconnect.org prior to the session. Class size is limited. Please contact the RE office at (402)291-7222 for any further questions.

We are always looking for adults with a desire to learn and share in our faith. If you are interested in a topic, event, or workshop that you would like to see at St. Mary's please contact the Religious Education office. Remember, anyone can become a facilitator of our faith to others.